Meat was critical to survival during the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages in Europe, meat was relatively plentiful yet still depended heavily on one’s place in society. The Catholic Christian church dominated Europe during this Middle Age period and declared that certain days, especially Friday’s, were to be days on which no meat was consumed. Despite this, most people enjoyed meat regularly and European rivers were always teeming with fresh fish available to everyone.

Take proper care when handling your ground beef

Ground beef is a popular favorite and cooked more often than maybe any other major meat group. Your local butcher shop will properly grind and package your ground beef for you so you don’t run the risk of contamination that can happen with supermarket meats.

Are you storing your meat, poultry and game properly?

One of the most important things to understand and consider, as your local butcher well knows, is to be able to securely and safely store all of your meat, poultry, fish, and game. It may seem like a simple matter but your favorite cuts can be delicate and must be treated with care if you are to get the most in flavor and enjoyment out of them.

What type of chicken are you really looking for?

For most people, chicken is just chicken. For your butcher, and chicken lovers all over the world, chicken is far more than just some generic term. Chickens come in all shapes, sizes, and types and all are raised differently. Deciding on the best chicken to get for a particular event or gathering should be more than just grabbing anything you see at a supermarket.

How to enjoy your favorite beef steaks

It is quite likely that your local butcher will sell more steaks than just about anything else in their shop especially in the summer. This is the time, and the advantage of having a local butcher who understands exactly what you are looking for. Often times, someone will buy a steak that looks great and then, after cooking it, found it less than spectacular. Not all beef steaks will cook up the same. Each has their own identity and way of cooking.

Try some deer on the grill for the next cookout

Try something different for that next summer cookout. Deer meat, from your local butcher shop, on the grill can be a delicious change from the traditional beef and chicken. While your venison steaks will taste great, preparing them properly for the grill is challenging.

How to choose the right steak every time

With the summer grilling season soon upon us, your local butcher shop knows that steak is a primary staple for backyard cookouts and entertaining. But, with so many choices of steak to choose from, how to know which one will be right for you and your guests?

Elk can be a healthy alternative to other red meats

As your local butcher can tell you, elk can be a hearty and healthy alternative to most other red meats. It is much lower in fat content and has a fine even texture to it. In addition, it retains its moisture and juices better than many other meats and it is relatively easy to cook compared to beef or other wild game.

The advantages to having your own butcher

If you enjoy meat on a regular basis, then you really need to consider the advantages of having your own personal butcher whom you can visit with every week. The local butcher shop, you will find, is a plethora of information as well as selection and service.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Alpine’s premium corned beef that is made on site

For over forty years the Doyle family here at Alpine Butcher has been making our own premium grey corned beef that has been enjoyed and celebrated by thousands. It is a long and storied traditional family recipe that you are going to find to be the perfect presentation for that most famous of family gatherings.