Benefits of Bison

Local butcher shop from AlpineMany individuals have already converted to bison for all of their meat need in many areas across the country. Butchers have noticed that bison, aka Buffalo has recently found a resurgence as a significant contender to the typical red meat that one normally eats. This has come about because beef tends to be high in fat and cholesterol, which are two of the things that many individuals in the country need to be on the look at. A significant amount of the country suffers from high cholesterol, so why not eat something that could help solve the problem? That is why bison has slowly grown in popularity.


The taste of bison is similar to beef. There is no “gaminess” of the meat in any way. It is as if you are eating any other cut of red meat from a cow. That is a wonderful thing for those that are iffy for trying new things. It is a good opening door to a variety of other game meats.

Nutritional Facts

According to the National Bison Association, bison has a “good proportion of protein, fat, mineral and fatty acids to its caloric value.” So, pretty much for the amount of the “bad” things even out in comparison to the calories you take in. For 3.5 ounces there is 143 calories and only 2.45 grams of fat for your judgement. It is also one of the few meats that fits the American Heart and the American Diabetes Associations according to Natural Food Benefits.


Bison are typically grown in a free environment compared to that of cattle. With “free”-range and grass feed bison, the health benefits are overwhelming in comparison to grain fed. The bison is cared for with care and no hormones or chemicals and handled as little as they can be in many situations.

It is recommended that if you decide to try bison steaks that you do not cook it to well-done however, so if you like things well done, bison may not be for you. Where the meat is so lean compared to steak there are more chances for the meat to dry out. So it is best to try with that in mind.

Bison can be prepared as a burger patty, meatloaf even as rib-eye and sirloin strips. The versatility of the bison meat is endless, just like with your everyday meat. Remember though that where it is a specialty game meat, you will need to come to your neighborhood butcher in order to find it. But that means that you will not have poor quality cuts.

At Alpine butcher we have three types of buffalo “cuts” for you to choose from. Buffalo Rib-Eye, Buffalo Sirloin Strip as well as Ground Buffalo. The steaks are great to try for your next cook out as an alternative to steaks for those who are watching their red meat intake. The ground meat will be great for those picky eaters who will eat nothing but burgers. While the mental switch to bison may take some time, we can guarantee that once you try bison, you will love it.

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