Can you eat meat on a low fat diet?

Butcher from AlpineWhile meat can be necessary to a diet for the great source of protein that it is, can you really have meat if you are looking to stay on a low fat diet? The answer is a resounding yes but you must be careful. Not all meat and poultry are created equal.

  • Meet with your local butcher to determine which meat and poultry choices will be right for your present diet. Discuss your leaner choices such as chicken and turkey. Also, lamb and veal are low fat choices as well as the loin and round sections of meat. Integrate these leaner options into your diet.
  • Fish can be another solid option for your low fat diet as they are lean and contain omega 3 fatty acids. Your butcher will help you decide on a menu and you should begin to also educate yourself with regard to those meats that tend to be higher in fat content. These tend to be your organ meats as well as bacon and ground beef. You can, however, get ground beef from your butcher that is as much as 90% lean.
  • Your processed meats also tend to be higher in fat content. You may want to stay clear of sausages, hot dogs and the processed luncheon style meats. You can, of course, veer from your diet on occasion if you feel you may want to. Sometimes the fare at a summer cookout just can’t be resisted.
  • If you do decide to go with meat that is higher in fat content, be sure to ask your butcher to trim any cuts you select. It will keep the fat take to a minimum. Also, when cooking your meat on a low fat diet it is suggested that you roast, bake or broil your selections. Avoid frying at all costs. Again, if you are trying to stay true to a low fat diet, it remains crucial for you to stay on the lean side.