Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Alpine’s premium corned beef that is made on site

Butcher from AlpineFor over forty years the Doyle family here at Alpine Butcher has been making our own premium grey corned beef that has been enjoyed and celebrated by thousands. It is a long and storied traditional family recipe that you are going to find to be the perfect presentation for that most famous of family gatherings.

Irish beef has always been prized as some of the most flavorful beef there is. Corned beef took a long time to cure, usually over the entire long winter, and then was released and enjoyed in family celebrations at the advent of spring. The Irish beef was traditionally prepared and preserved using rock salt which were known as “corns of salt”. The beef and the salt were stored in large crocks until the celebration of the spring equinox.

For over 200 years, County Cork in Ireland was the primary producer and exporter to the world of corned beef. Generally, corned beef is revered as a traditional celebration meal that is usually boiled and served with boiled cabbage and potatoes. Such feast days as Christmas and Easter saw corned beef served as well as on other major celebratory days like Halloween and Saint Patrick’s Day.

Early Irish immigrants to America carried on the family and holiday tradition beginning in the 18th century. Even in the early 21st century, a corned beef dinner still marks the family celebrations of Thanksgiving and Saint Patrick’s Day in many areas of the United States.

Most supermarket corned beef contains as much as 40% water which tends to rob the tender Irish beef of much of its flavor. However, the Doyle family recipe at Alpine Butcher produces a flavorful and tender corned beef that is only 14% water!

Now is the time to call in your order to Alpine Butcher for your family celebration for this coming Saint Patrick’s Day. When it comes to your family, and its hallowed and loving traditions, don’t they deserve the best?