Game meat provides a huge variety with almost zero fat

Butcher from AlpineWild game can provide you with a huge variety with regard to both taste as well as variety. There are, basically, two types of wild game. There are the animals with fur and the game with wings. Winged game can include duck and pheasant as well as some exotic birds as grouse and quail. The furred game can include such animals as alligator, wild boar, bison, deer, kangaroo, snake, and bear. With regard to the wild game animals, they are usually referred to by their size in that there is small game and large game.

  • One of the great advantages to including wild game into your diet is that the meat is extremely lean. There is almost no fat content in most of the large and small game animals. The meat can dry out, however, so you must take care in your preparation. Your local butcher will be able to guide you with regard to the proper preparation and cooking. Marinating the game prior to cooking is one secret your butcher is sure to share with you.
  • The reptiles such as snake and alligator are hunted for their meat as are the larger game like deer and bear. The animals must be properly dressed and hung so as to keep the meat pure and to enhance the flavor. Wild game, as well as birds, is hunted for the most part in their natural habitats with many butcher’s dressing them in the field or at designated facilities.
  • The wild game is dressed and hung so as to insure its tenderness and to make sure that the “gamey” taste stay within. The particular taste comes from living in a wild environment. Wild game does not eat the same diet as animals that are raised specifically for consumption. Those animals are carefully fed and not allowed to move around all that much so that their meat will become tender. Wild game, however, are almost never not in motion and because of that, they are heavily muscled and almost without any fat. The hanging and drying process helps the wild game meat to develop a certain tender composition.

Wild game is widely enjoyed everywhere and can add great spice and variety to your diet with almost no fat content at all. Your local butcher can help you choose certain game and foul as well as assist you with the overall preparation so that adding wild game to your diet will be a highly enjoyable and lifelong experience.