Go local with your meat

Alpine Butcher Shop HistoryIn today’s world there’s a lot of buzz about “buying local.” To many people, this can sometimes sound like empty, hipster etiquette where anyone can slap a label on a product that says “local” and charge you double the price plus an arm and leg… Well, maybe not your arm and leg, but you get the picture.


However, when it comes to our meat and buying from our local butcher shop it’s not about an image and smoke and mirrors- it’s about authenticity. We have been a part of this community and supplying the Greater Lowell Area with great meat for four generations.


Here are just a few reasons why you should “go local” at Alpine Butcher:


  • Our standards for meat are high. This has been a commitment for our business since 1913 and is something that we will always provide to our customers.
  • We have a large variety of different high quality meats ranging from 100% fresh beef, farm fresh pork, all natural lamb and poultry, to fresh caught seafood and unique game meat.
  • We know exactly where our meat comes from and if you want to know we will tell you. You can always be sure that our meats come from a good place.


All in all, this isn’t a sales pitch as much as it is a promise. Our meat market is passionate about providing our community and customers with the highest quality meats on the market. All of that combined with our vast knowledge and great customer service has set our butcher shop apart for generations.


We don’t encourage you to buy local for the buzz, we do because it’s a value that our company has held for over 100 years. So come on over and check out all we have to offer at Alpine Butcher.