How do you like your beef? Grass fed, organic, or conventional?

Butcher from Lowell ProvisionBuying the perfect cut of meat can be challenging enough but the three different kinds of beef can add to your dilemma. Your Lowell Provision Company & Alpine butcher is the place to go to get the right type of beef that is in tune with your particular tastes. For beef, there tends to be three different types: grass fed, organic and conventional.

  • Your conventional beef are cows that don’t usually travel out to pasture to graze under most conditions. They are raised on a diet that can have a variety of ranges. Mostly, conventional beef cows are on a diet that can be rich in certain hays as well as various grasses or legumes. In addition, your butcher shop conventional beef can also be exposed to a diet rich in soybeans, cereals, and corn.
  • Organic cows are required to eat a simple organic diet. Organic cows are fed a diet that doesn’t include any hormones or antibiotics and tends to mostly be mostly made up of hay, corn and grass. Your local butcher shop organic beef is allowed to graze but only in pastures without chemical treatments such as various pesticides.
  • The grass fed cows are, for the most part, just that. They may graze at will and their diet consists mostly of grass alone. Your butcher shop grass fed beef are also given certain vitamins and minerals.

What your beef choices basically come down to are your individual and unique preferences. Also, your Lowell Provision Company & Alpine butcher can tell you what else you need to know with regard to nutritional differences. With beef, however, it always comes down to a lean-ness consideration. Do you want less fat or does the fat make the beef experience more enjoyable for you?