Knowing your lamb cuts will increase your enjoyment

Butcher from AlpineAs your butcher will surely agree, lamb can be one of the most enjoyable cuts of meat you can treat yourself to. Lamb has been enjoyed for centuries and continues to be a favorite today. Knowing your different cuts of lamb, however, will add to your enjoyment as different cuts will offer different culinary opportunities.

  • Basically, a lamb is portioned into big sections that are called primal cuts which are, then, divided into much smaller cuts by your butcher. The lamb is initially cut into two large parts known as the foresaddle and the hindsaddle. From there, the lamb goes into its primal cuts.
  • One of the great lamb cuts is the shoulder which can be boned and rolled which can then be cooked by roasting. The lamb rib brings forth such delicacies as rib chops and the vaunted rack of lamb. The rib section can also produce a lamb crown roast and all of these cuts will be as tender as lamb tends to generally be.
  • Another spectacular lamb cut is the loin cut. This will produce both loin chops and the loin roast. These great butcher’s cuts can be cooked either on the grill or using dry heat.
  • Part of the lamb leg primal cut will produce lamb sirloin which can be further cut up into steaks or chops. For getting the best in ground lamb or for braising, the lamb flank will be your go-to cut. You must use moist heat in its preparation because this cut can be somewhat tougher than many of the others.
  • Finally, there is the legendary leg cut producing the leg of lamb that has become such a favorite for so many centuries. The leg of lamb can, of course, be roasted to perfection but will also do well if braised. Understanding your lamb cuts will help bring more enjoyment to your meals and celebrations as you and your butcher can choose exactly the right cut for what you will need for that special lamb meal.