The advantages to having your own butcher

If you enjoy meat on a regular basis, then you really need to consider the advantages of having your own personal butcher whom you can visit with every week. The local butcher shop, you will find, is a plethora of information as well as selection and service.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Alpine’s premium corned beef that is made on site

For over forty years the Doyle family here at Alpine Butcher has been making our own premium grey corned beef that has been enjoyed and celebrated by thousands. It is a long and storied traditional family recipe that you are going to find to be the perfect presentation for that most famous of family gatherings.

Is Kobe beef the right choice for you?

Kobe beef, as your butcher will tell you, may just be the finest beef in the world. While it is a more expensive cut of beef, chefs and butchers alike tend to be unanimous that the Kobe, Japan beef has great marbling, tenderness and a flavor that is hard to match.

Selecting the right ham can make all the difference

While Americans seem to reserve ham for special holiday occasions, your butcher well knows that ham can be a special treat any time of the year. Ham, as a product of the domestic pig, has a long and storied history and has graced many a table down through history from the tables of the aristocracy to the fork of the humble peasant.

Will searing your cuts really lock in the juices and the flavor?

The searing of meat to lock in the juices and the flavor, making for a more succulent cut, has been an ongoing argument for thousands of year. Even the legendary Aristotle tackles the dilemma in one of his discourses. The argument has been well heated for some time as many have given it some serious thought, serious argument, and serious experimentation.

How do you like your beef? Grass fed, organic, or conventional?

Buying the perfect cut of meat can be challenging enough but the three different kinds of beef can add to your dilemma. Your Lowell Provision Company & Alpine butcher is the place to go to get the right type of beef that is in tune with your particular tastes. For beef, there tends to be three different types: grass fed, organic and conventional.

How to choose the right roast for that special dinner

Enjoying a finely cooked roast just may be one of life’s little pleasures. But, which roast is right for you? Seeing your Lowell Provision Company & Alpine butcher is the place to begin as every roast is a bit different and will bring its own unique cut and flavor to a meal. Roasts, are, generally, cut from just about every part of the cow. Some, as your butcher well knows, will take more love and preparation while others can be tender and a joy to work with.

Knowing your lamb cuts will increase your enjoyment

As your butcher will surely agree, lamb can be one of the most enjoyable cuts of meat you can treat yourself to. Lamb has been enjoyed for centuries and continues to be a favorite today. Knowing your different cuts of lamb, however, will add to your enjoyment as different cuts will offer different culinary opportunities.

Game meat provides a huge variety with almost zero fat

Wild game can provide you with a huge variety with regard to both taste as well as variety. There are, basically, two types of wild game. There are the animals with fur and the game with wings. Winged game can include duck and pheasant as well as some exotic birds as grouse and quail. The furred game can include such animals as alligator, wild boar, bison, deer, kangaroo, snake, and bear. With regard to the wild game animals, they are usually referred to by their size in that there is small game and large game.

Hamburger has a mysterious and contentious history

One would think that there isn’t all that much to the ordinary everyday hamburger. The origins and history of hamburger, however, tends to be rather mysterious and highly debated.