Shish Kabobs will make your next event a real hit

Barbecue on charcoalOne of the great festive meals for summertime, or anytime really, is shish kabobs. Originally created long ago in Turkey, this Middle Eastern staple has become a welcomed addition to any American cookout or festive gathering. There are so many varieties and so many additions you can make that it is impossible not to please just about everyone. First, however, you need to visit your local butcher shop to get the cuts of meet you will need to make those perfect kabobs.

  • Get your local butcher shop to recommend the finest and most tender cuts of meat for your shish kabob treats. Generally you will want beef, pork, and lamb. Chicken has become a recent favorite and many people are combining different cuts of meat on each individual skewer.
  • Your meat should be marinated to bring out even more of a special flavor. Ask your butcher for some marinating recipes. It is quite likely that your butcher has more than a few special marinade secrets.
  • Your vegetables are, of course, a huge priority. Most shish kabobs contain green and red peppers as well as zucchini, onions, and tomatoes. Feeling adventurous? Cut up some potatoes and cube them. Throw them on the skewer and watch your guests marvel at your shish kabob with roasted potatoes.
  • Marinate everything and let it soak in to your cuts of meat and vegetables for awhile. Most cooks prefer wooden skewers but stainless steal may be your best bet. You want at least a half dozen cubes of your favorite butcher shop cuts on every skewer and cook the meat at a medium temperature. After the meat gets going, you turn down the heat. Remember to turn frequently to get an even cook and to seal in the juices.
  • The shish kabobs can be enjoyed all by themselves or you can also have a giant tossed salad on hand for your guests. Feeling adventurous again? Let your guests empty their skewer over a bed of teriyaki rice.

Everything starts at your local butcher shop for that next summer bash. You can get high quality cuts of your favorite meats at affordable prices. In addition, your butcher is a virtual storehouse of recipes, tips, and ideas.