Strategies for planning that perfect summer cookout

Grilled chicken leg on the grillSummer approaches and with it comes favorite outdoor activities, especially that perfect weekend cookout. Your local butcher can be one ally you can count on when planning that summer cookout event.

  • So, where do you start? First off, you are going to need to make a list of everything. Try and break the list down into certain categories. It will make the event planning a little less hectic. You can separate things under such titles as “preparations and supplies”, “food”, “guests and entertainment” and the like.
  • Choose a theme if you want. It generally makes the festivities that much more enjoyable for your guests. Also, it can narrow down your choices for decorations. Get your guest list together and start sending out the invitations. Don’t forget the RSVP cards or phone number. It is a huge help if you know how many guests you will entertain
  • Your local butcher, as mentioned before, can be a serious ally to you in your quest for that perfect cookout. If families are coming, the children will, most likely, prefer hot dogs and hamburgers. Your adult guest will likely lean more toward chops, steaks, ribs, and chicken. Your local butcher is the perfect expert to help you choose the right cuts of meat while helping you keep an eye on your budget.
  • Also, how many guests will likely to be vegan or will only eat “healthy”? Planning some vegetable dishes along with some rice and potatoes will go along way toward making everyone happy.
  • Light snacks as well as drinks are a must for any cookout. While the meat and poultry you got from your local butcher is being prepared, your guests, especially the children, can get going on fruit and veggie plates, giant tossed salads and even a mac a cheese casserole to keep the kids going.

Remember, too, that your local butcher has years of experience with menu planning and especially new and unusual recipes that will make your next summer time cookout a huge success.