Are you prepping your Chicken correctly?

Chicken is the most popular food prepared in American households. This makes it common at the butcher shop to be prepared constantly. One of the cheaper meats, chicken is lean, high in protein and highly versatile in its preparation. From baking, grilling, frying to soups chicken can go a long way in the household which […]

Alpine Butcher has the best Corned Beef in town

Corned beef has become essential to anyone who plans on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this month. Our take on this traditional Irish-American dish is as rich in history as it is in flavor. The recipe we use is the same recipe our Grandfather Robert Doyle (who is the second out of the four generations of […]

Why is cow called “beef” and pig called “pork”?

Language is funny sometimes, especially the English language. Not only is English an incredibly difficult language to learn but there are so many different words for the same thing depending on where you are. For instance, In America it is a truck. In England it is a lorry. In America, you’re a guy. In England you’re a chap. In Australia, you’re a bloke.