Try some deer on the grill for the next cookout

Local butcher shop from AlpineTry something different for that next summer cookout. Deer meat, from your local butcher shop, on the grill can be a delicious change from the traditional beef and chicken. While your venison steaks will taste great, preparing them properly for the grill is challenging.

  • One of the challenges is that some people would rather not have the wild game flavor to their meat. While there are several ways to remove the “gamy” taste, you can just soak your venison steaks in red wine or milk for 24 hours.
  • Marinating the venison steaks will add to their flavor and tenderness. Try one part soy sauce and two parts either vinegar or wine depending on your preferences and those of your guests.
  • Getting the grill ready is rather simple. If you are using propane, you want to get a high heat going. You will want to do the same thing with charcoal so use around 30 or so briquettes just underneath the grill. Also, before you get going, your butcher will surely suggest that you trim the fat. The fat part of the venison is where much of the wild game taste will come from.
  • When you first throw the venison steaks on the grill, be sure to sear them. This will lock in your juices while you are cooking them. Rotate your steaks at 90 degrees every so often if you want some of those traditional cross hatch marks on the steaks.
  • Go with a slow grill on the steaks to cook it evenly throughout. Five to seven minutes a side, with constant rotation, should do the trick nicely. Grab your meat thermometer and grill them until the internal temperature reaches somewhere between 130-140 degrees or so.
  • Allow the juices to settle and the steaks to cool off a bit so they can be eaten and enjoyed with all of the available side dishes. Letting the steaks sit for about ten minutes should allow those internal juices to settle properly.