Your Local Butcher Shop

There was a time when everyone knew that the best place to get their meat was from the local butcher. Before supermarkets lined their aisles with plastic wrapped cuts of meat to be perused by food shoppers looking for everything from cereal to T-Shirts, there was the butcher down the street, readying his knife to make a custom cut for a unique order. Luckily, there’s been resurgence in the public mindset that getting the best cuts of meat means going to a real butcher shop, just like ours.

At Lowell Provision Co. & Alpine Butcher, you can actually talk to the butcher himself and order special cuts of meat that you’re not going to find in your average supermarket. Our shops are fourth generation, family owned businesses with over a century of experience offering customers the finest quality steaks and the best value in meats. It’s with this extensive experience that we offer our customers meats prepared by the most knowledgeable and professional butchers in the industry. Even the New York Times has covered the new found art of buying from a butcher and states that, “Do not tweet your friends for advice; consult the butcher.”

Alpine Butcher Shop History

Yes, one great benefit of shopping with a butcher is that you can get all the most relevant information regarding the preparation and delectation of meat. A real butcher can let you know how to properly prepare a certain cut, how much meat you’ll need for a certain meal, and even what you should serve alongside your meat. It’s an interpersonal relationship that is formed between a good butcher and his or her customers. We take the time to get to know our customers and become familiar with their unique needs and tastes.

Another benefit of shopping with a butcher is that you can get rare cuts and meats that aren’t made available in the average supermarket. If you’re looking for pork belly, game meats, flat-iron steak, or anything in between, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Lowell Provision Co. & Alpine Butcher. If you’re trying to recreate an exotic dish that calls for a special cut of meat, we’ll have it ready for you. Unlike shopping for meat at a supermarket, shopping at Lowell Provision Co. & Alpine Butcher gives you the freedom to explore the freshest cuts of USDA Choice or higher beef, highest quality never frozen seafood, farm fresh pork, all natural lamb, all natural poultry, and unique game meat. We even offer freshly marinated meats as well as fresh lunch sandwiches (Alpine Butcher only). So give us a visit and let us remind you why the local butcher shop is making such a comeback!