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USDA Prime Garlic & Tallow Infused Boneless Ribeye - Alpine Butcher

Alpine Butcher

USDA Prime Garlic & Tallow Infused Boneless Ribeye

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For these steaks, we started with a full loin of our USDA Prime boneless ribeyes. We butterflied open the entire loin, and then added in a paste mixture of minced garlic and rendered beef tallow. With this mixture covering the entire piece, we then rolled the full loin back up and tied it off to create pinwheel ribeye steaks with the garlic and tallow mixture infusing the inside of the loin. Once rolled and tied, we added more of the paste to the outside of the loin and vacuum sealed it to sit in our cooler for a week and infuse the garlic flavor. After a week, we cut the loin into steaks for a beautiful pinwheel steak that is rich in a buttery, garlic flavor. 

*Steaks sold individually*