Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are items shipped?
A: Each item is cut fresh, then individually vacuum sealed and immediately frozen for shipping. Packages are shipped out in coolers with ice packs and/or dry ice depending on where the item is being shipped to.
Q: Are items shipped frozen?
A: Yes. All items that we ship are frozen, but partial thawing may occur during transit.
Q: When will my items be shipped?
A: We currently ship Monday-Wednesday. Any order placed before 1pm EST, will be shipped same day, Mon-Wed. Any order placed after 1 pm EST on Wednesday will not ship out until the following Monday.
Q: Will I qualify for free shipping?
A: Free shipping is offered to customers when their order exceeds $150
Q: How long will it take for my package to be delivered?
A: Packages take 1-2 business days in transit to be delivered depending on shipping destination.
Q: How do I cook Japanese Wagyu?
A: Japanese Wagyu is best cooked with a quick sear on each side using high heat in a cast iron pan. Serving sizes for Japanese Wagyu are smaller than other steaks due to the richness of the steak.
Q: Will items be added back onto the website that have been removed?
A: We aim to provide variety as well as quality to our customers. To ensure this, we are constantly updating our inventory and products to the best of our ability.
Q: Why should I choose you over other meat delivery services?
A: All of our knowledge, experience, and passion has been built over generations of family history beginning in 1913. We strive to provide the best quality items to our customers and have discovered the eye for quality through our rich and deep rooted history in the meat industry. Our goal is to give customers an exceptional experience with great customer service, while providing the highest quality products delivered right to your door. 
Q: What does A5 and BMS mean?
A: A5 and BMS are scores and grades given to Wagyu beef and are based on a set of qualifications and standards. Please see our page on this grading system for more information:
If you have any further questions, please reach out to