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A5 BMS12 Japanese Wagyu Ribeye Spinalis Rib-Cap Steak

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The spinalis steak is created by taking the cap off of a boneless ribeye loin, and then rolling and tying it into a steak. This is considered by many to be the absolute best cut of beef you can get. With incredible flavor and tenderness this steak will blow you away.

This is considered the best beef in the world, hands down. Imported from Japan with a marble score of BMS12, which is the highest marble grade possible to receive in the world. Each order comes with a certificate of authenticity that shows the origin of the cut. Wagyu beef is a different breed of cattle (Japanese Wagyu Black).

*Steaks sold individually*

*Loin pictured above may not be the loin you receive*

The marbling is unmatched, the flavor is unmatched, and the savoriness is something you have to try to believe. Prepare for the best steak of your life. This is best cooked with a quick sear on each side with high heat in a cast iron pan.