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A5 BMS12 Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin

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Imported Japanese A5 BMS12 Wagyu Tenderloin Filet. A5 is the highest grade given to Japanese Wagyu beef and BMS12 is the highest score given for marbling in the WORLD. Each order comes with a certificate of authenticity specifically made for the loin. These are what all steaks aspire to be. 

*Steaks sold individually*

*Loin pictured above may not be the loin you receive*

*The tail cut steak is the end cut that tapers down to a point. It is cut from the same loin and is just as tender and flavorful as the rest of the loin*

Prepare for the best steak of your life. This is best cooked with a quick sear on each side with high heat in a cast iron pan.